This Is Us Creator’s New Film Life Itself Seems a Lot Like This Is Us with Oscar Isaac and Olivia Wilde

Get ready for the tears.

Life Itself Trailer lead
Amazon Studios

Heads up to all you This Is Us fans: The show’s creator, Dan Fogelman, has a new movie coming out, and it’s giving us major This Is Us vibes. The film, called Life Itself, is shaping up to be an alternately heartwarming and heartbreaking multigenerational family drama that jumps across timelines and skylines—and obviously, makes you ugly-cry.

The trailer, which Amazon Studios dropped on Tuesday, opens with Oscar Isaac‘s character declaring his love for Olivia Wilde‘s character. “I’ve been waiting for the right moment, because when I ask you out, there’s not gonna be any turning back for me,” he says. “I’m not gonna date anybody else for the rest of my life. I’m not gonna love anybody else for the rest of my life. I’m waiting for the right moment, because when I ask you out, it’s gonna be the most important moment of my life. And I just want to make sure that I get it right.”

The rest of the trailer is basically a montage of tear-jerking/life-affirming moments. At one point Isaac’s character proposes to Wilde’s character at a costume party (less than a year after they start dating), and in the ensuing very emotional scene, she says, “I love you, but I may not be equipped to be loved this much.” I’m not crying; you’re crying.

Amazon appears to be keeping any concrete details about the plot of the movie under wraps for now, but the IMDb page describes it like this: “As a young New York couple goes from college romance to marriage and the birth of their first child, the unexpected twists of their journey create reverberations that echo over continents and through lifetimes in Life Itself.” The ensemble cast also includes Antonio Banderas, Olivia Cooke, Annette Bening, and Mandy Patinkin.

You can watch the full trailer below: