Lisa Fuller Hates Ill-Fitting Jeans, Loves Céline

The Courtshop founder and designer shares a page from her style notes.


Since launching New York-based denim brand Courtshop in 2008, Lisa Fuller has brought easy, effortless, great-fitting denim to It girls everywhere. Here, the fashion designer reveals her go-to shops, favorite footwear, style icons and more.

Define your style in three words: Blue jean queen.

Daily uniform: Courtshop jeans, a good oversized t-shirt like the R13 Classic tee, and a low heeled boot so I can run around between the stores.

Greatest hits: I’m definitely a closet purger, but there are a couple things that I love to death and would never part with, like a pair of ‘90s Dior boots I found at a thrift store (!!), and my BLK DNM chocolate suede moto jacket.

Preferred footwear: I love Acne Studios for shoes. They’re so well made, even with a crazy high heel you can still get around with relative ease.

Finishing touches: Lady Grey is my go-to jewelry line. I adore the designers, Jill & Sabine, so wearing their jewelry feels special. Plus it’s gorgeous. They did these custom cuffs for Solange’s wedding that I want so bad!

Nighttime look: I’m pretty casual as a rule, and I always try to work in some denim if I can get away with it, so if I do a dress I’ll pair it with an oversized jean jacket. Or I’ll go with an ultra high-rise black jean and a cropped vintage blouse.

Best recent discovery: MOLECULE perfume—a pheromone-based perfume sold at Barneys. It’s not new, but I just wore it for the first time and I’m obsessed.

Favorite stores: Love Adorned always blows me away. Their Hamptons location has saved me more than once when I’ve been too rushed to pick up a hostess gift in the city. I’ve always been a big reader, so it’s been really sad to see the demise of so many New York book stores. If the Strand ever closes, I’m out.

Style pet peeve: Ill-fitting vintage jeans. Don’t just choose any pair, ladies. Find your right fit, it’s out there! (Or just come to Courtshop!)

Style icons: Debbie Harry, Anjelica Huston, Chloe Sevigny.

Last purchase: A pair of Nike ID Dunks that I had customized to say YASSS QUEEN on the heels, an homage to Broad City, which I LIVE for.

Lusting after: If I woke up tomorrow with a closet full of Céline I’d be pretty psyched. Phoebe Philo can really do no wrong in my book. Failing that, I would be equally pleased to discover I owned a cottage on Lake Huron in Ontario, where I spent my summers growing up.

Favorite haunts: For restaurants, Diner in Williamsburg has still got it. I’ve eaten there more times than I can count. When I’m home in Toronto I always make a point to stop by Me & Mine for brunch. The space is really airy and beautiful, and the food is incredible. Kazunori in Downtown L.A. is my favorite for sushi. As far as bars, Capri Social Club in Greenpoint is a still relatively untouched dive that works well for large groups. The Tonga Room in San Francisco, in the basement of the Fairmont Hotel is so much fun. It’s a tiki bar with a pool in the middle, where a live band plays on a covered boat under a “monsoon.” I was staying at the hotel last fall and just happened upon it and it blew my mind!

What’s always in your bag: iPhone 6 with a Yes Way Rosé case, tangled earphones, a book – currently reading Carsick, John Waters’ memoir recounting his journey hitchhiking across the country. Everlane wallet, dried mango for snacking, and a New Yorker.

Photos: Lisa Fuller Hates Ill-Fitting Jeans, Loves Céline

Lisa Fuller.

Courtshop. Photo courtesy of Lisa Fuller.

Courtshop. Photo courtesy of Alter Brooklyn.

Lisa Fuller.

Courtshop. Photo courtesy of Lisa Fuller.

Courtshop. Photo courtesy of Lisa Fuller.

Courtshop. Photo courtesy of Lisa Fuller.