Even though it's been over three decades since the release of Madonna's "Holiday," the singer's first Top 20 hit continues to draw new fans: namely, her twin daughters Esther and Stella, who she adopted earlier this year from Malawi. The pop icon happened to capture the moment her girls first heard her breakthrough song, and clearly the twins approve of their mother's jam. In the video clip, which Madonna posted to her Instagram along with the caption "Stella and And Estere hear Holiday for the first time!" the sisters, clad in matching outfits, unleash their own choreography with help from big brother David Banda. Clearly, they've all picked up a move or two from their mom β€”Β something her Instagram fans have already witnessed since Madonna started sharing photos and videos of Esther and Stella following their adoption. Though, this is the first time the family had added new choreography to one of Madonna's iconic songs.

Earlier this summer, back in June, Madonna posted another video of a family dance session. Like their "Holiday" dance party, David took the lead, imparting some of his moves to Stella and Esther as well as their sister Mercy James.

Aside from taking to the dance floor like they're pros, Esther and Stella have also shown their affinity for Madonna's closet β€”Β specifically, her wig collection. In April, Esther and Stella appeared on Madonna's Instagram in coordinated wigs β€” a brunette and blonde one β€” which they paired with matching sparkly tulle dresses and white sandals. "Getting Ready For the week Ahead," read the caption.

Plus, just earlier this month another wig-clad daughter surfaced on Madonna's Instagram with the truly perfect caption, "Blonde Ambition!" a reference to the 1990 tour that forever cemented Madonna as an icon thanks in part to John Paul Gaultier who was responsible for her signature cone-bra look, among others.

If you need one more reason why Madonna's household is family goals, take a look at the photo below and try not to utter an "aww."

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