marc jacobs nude instagram

Photo by @themarcjacobs.

Armani, Giorgio
Cast a crew of TV stars in his new ad campaign. Sorry, Jon Hamm wasn’t included.

Cast Kate Moss and Lara Stone in a steamy new ad campaign. The folks at Calvin Klein wish they’d thought of it first.

Carries a macbook as a clutch. Knows that metallics are so in for summer 2015.

Copeland, Misty
Was named principal dancer at the American Ballet Theater. Get it, girl.

Cyrus, Miley
Is apparently a big fan of Jacquemus. But really, who isn’t?

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Damon, Matt
Now has a long, flowing ponytail. Reminds Jared Leto how much he misses his.

Jacobs, Marc
Accidentally posted a nude photo to Instagram. Took the high road in his response.

Jenner, Kendall
Now has the most liked photo on Instagram. Beat out Kimye. Now that’s a family rivalry.

Karan, Donna
The fashion designer is stepping down as chief designer of her eponymous brand.

Kardashian, Kim
Endorses Hillary Clinton for President, in hopes for more Instagram likes.

Kerr, Miranda
May return to the Victoria's Secret cat walk. Yes please!

McAdams, Rachel
Is reportedly dating her True Detective co-star Taylor Kitsch. Hopefully finds Notebook-level love.

Pei, Guo
The designer behind Rihanna's Met Gala dress to open exhibit in Paris. Really capitalizing on the moment.

Queen Victoria
The late monarch's undergarments are up for auction. See, granny panties are in.

Ryder, Winona
Joins the eclectic cast of the new Marc Jacobs campaign. Also keeps it classy.

Tisci, Riccardo
Plans to show Givenchy's Spring 2016 collection during New York Fashion Week, timed to the opening of the brand’s new flagship. From all of us here, thank you!

Vikander, Alicia
The up-and-coming actress’s first Louis Vuitton campaign revealed. Obviously, it’s ultra chic.

Watanabe, Junya
The Japanese fashion designer cast only white models in his African-inspired show. Appropriately being accused of cultural appropriation.
Ziegler, Maddie
Stars in Betsey Johnson for Capezio campaign. Taught the flexible fashion designer a thing or two about cartwheels in the process.