General consensus is that last night's portion of the two-night Democratic primary debate was won by California senator Kamala Harris, who kept her composure on the sometimes chaotic debate stage filled with ten candidates, and fiercely confronted frontrunner and former Vice President Joe Biden about his past legislative decisions.

Marianne Williamson meanwhile, won Twitter. Especially the platform's meme race. Self-help guru and A Course in Miracles author Williamson, a longshot candidate from California who hasn't held public office, was in her own special debate arena, talking about New Zealand and love and healthcare and going, in the words of Jezebel, "full Goop."

Williamson's new age-tinged platform of confidence, love and having the right attitude spawned all kinds of memes, mostly people trying to sum of her ineffable Marianne-ness by describing her energy. Is she the delusional diva-like Jenna Maroney of 30 Rock or Frasier Crane's win-at-al-costs agent Bebe? Here are a few of our favorites:

Just when you think Twitter couldn't be more obsessed with her, everyone realized that Ms. Williamson used to share an apartment with the one and only Laura Dern. So, guess that settles that in terms of who gets to play her in the movie.

And the hits keep on coming! Much like deep-voiced Elizabeth Holmes launched a thousand impressions earlier this year, spacey-eyed Marianne Williamson is quickly becoming the character of the summer:


Of course, the only person who can truly capture the spirit of Marianne IS Marianne, from her old tweets, which are...pure gold!

Most of the focus in on her closing statement from the debate, which focused less on plans or policy and more on, well, thoughts and prayers. And psyches and harnessing energies. Her thesis, essentially, is that the way to defeat President Trump is through feelings, not facts. This is, for better or worse, probably pretty true.

It's not like Trump was big on plans, except the border wall and the space force, neither or which are happening. And honestly, Williamson could make the space force a thing if she tried. She could also probably be the governor of California if she tried. In conclusion:

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