Matthew McConaughey Reveals the Fate of His Magic Mike Rattlesnake Thong

But he admits he is not familiar with the term “manscaping.”

Craig McDean

Leave it to a caller on Watch What Happens Live to ask the tough questions. On Thursday evening, Matthew McConaughey and his Serenity costar Anne Hathaway appeared on Andy Cohen’s show, where McConaughey reiterated some of his old favorite press-junket anecdotes—he thought he’d nailed his Titanic audition, for one, a story last told around the release of White Boy Rick—and added a delightful new one to the mix. Ladies and gentlemen, let it be known that on Thursday, January 24, 2018, Matthew McConaughey learned what “manscaping” is, and revealed the truth about the fate of his Magic Mike thongs.

In a clip from the latest episode, McConaughey’s expression visibly transforms as a voice over the line asks: “I would like to know, how much manscaping was required for Magic Mike”—here, McConaughey interjects, “What’s manscaping?”—“and the second question is, did you steal any of the thongs from the set?”

McConaughey opts to answer the second question first, “because that’s very easy—absolutely,” he admits. “That was my rattlesnake thong,” he goes on. “No one else needed to be wearing that thong.”

Then, Cohen revisits the first question, pressing the issue: “Was there a lot of manscaping required?” McConaughey requires a clarification: “Please define the details of what manscaping…” he asks, and before Cohen can answer, Hathaway jumps in, stopping him. She turns to her costar. “What do you think manscaping is?” McConaughey makes some hand gestures, does a little shoulder dance, it’s all wildly uncomfortable, but eventually, Cohen just comes out with it: “It’s trimming your pubic hair,” he says.

Okay, in short, the answer is yes, there was some manscaping required—but McConaughey would like everyone to know that he didn’t have nearly as much to take off as others in the Soderbergh-directed male stripper film. We’ll be looking forward to revisiting this story when The Beach Bum is released later this year.