The Mets were out of town this past weekend, but their home stadium got an upgrade in style: Thousands of festival-goers from New York and beyond descended on Citi Field in Flushing, Queens for the inaugural Meadows Festival, which drew acts like Grimes, Chance the Rapper, Twin Shadow, and Chairlift, not to mention an abbreviated set from Kanye West. Despite overcast skies and a brisk breeze, the audience still brought out their best Balmain, Vetements, and Vetememes for the occasion. Here, the people behind some of the best looks sound off.


Crystal, 34, event producer
“I’m wearing Jean Paul [Gaultier] combat boots, Tommy Hilfiger socks, R13 — it’s a one-piece leather ensemble, it’s all a one-piece something or other. Topshop leather, Balenciaga and Levi’s, and a Hood By Air pillow backpack. I fall asleep on it all the time, you have no idea. It’s the best thing I’ve ever purchased in all my days on Earth.”


Asia, 20, biology student
“I really like faux fur and I think it’s really in this season. And I’ve been really into the Dior boots, but since, you know, I am on a budget as a college student I just like the Dior-inspired boots. They’re from this site called Dolls Kill.”


Zach, 20, fashion student
“[Whoopi Goldberg wearing the hoodie] made me want it even more. Honestly, I just love the saying on it and I love everything that Demna [Gvasalia] does. I have a bunch of stuff from the last collection. It’s just hard being a student and having to save up to buy his $1,000 hoodies. I just bought this the other day from Barney’s.”


Richard, 20, freelance software engineer (right) and Zach, 20, fashion student
Richard: “[My look is] Rick. This hoodie is from Rick Owens. I’m trying to do drapey, black, that’s pretty much my look. My turtleneck is Vetememes. Shout-out Vetememes. My homie created this. He owns this label.”


Melody, 22, fashion student
“I am wearing all thrifted from my thrift shop that I work at. This piece is from L Train Vintage, but this is from Monk Vintage. Festival fashion is bullshit. That’s all.”


Cat, 20, student; and Carrie, 20, student
Cat: “We got ready together at a friend’s house in Connecticut, but I didn’t have a jacket coming in here so we had to buy one immediately.”
Carrie: “I knew I wasn’t going to wear one, I was like, ‘I’m just going to deal with whatever the weather is.’ But obviously we wanted to be like, ‘You’re going to notice the fact that we’re here.’"
Cat: “Cause if we’re seeing these artists, we want to just represent them. What they listen to is what we listen to.”


Will, 22, student
“I was inspired by Kim [Kardashian] in Paris. I think it’s really androgynous, and also I think it was a Burberry trench, but I wore my YSL trench, because obviously. I like it just on one shoulder.”


Wins, 23, rapper
“This hat is similar to my brand. I got it from fucking Party City and I customized it — I cut the strings off and put in this brown string. My mom went to fashion college so I learned how to do things from her.”


Brianna, 23, litigation paralegal
“These are thrift store jeans; they’ve been with me for a good three years now. Every time I wash them, they get more destroyed, and I love them even more. This sweatshirt I got on vacation in Mexico for I don’t know how many pesos, but something. And my jacket is Forever 21. This particular festival I was here for the warmth and trying to stay dry, so I have this kind of raincoat top and a sweatshirt. I refuse to be cold.”


Chris, 20, student and freelance stylist (right), and Xavier, student (left)
Chris: “I grew up as a dancer. I moved to London when I was 18 and studied out there and really fell in love with [fashion] out there, and made friends that worked in the industry. Then when I moved back to New York, I started assisting and just really fell in love with it.”
Xavier: “I just love dressing myself. I’ve been into fashion mostly because of the internet. I was an internet kid, so I would just always stay on there looking at things. I just love shopping at old stores, you know, like keeping it kind of sustainable. These earrings, my aunt made them.”
Chris: “I think all black is always safe and the weather is finally permitting. It’s nice to indulge in that cozy, oversized black. Gives you room to accessorize. [Points to ear.] Grandma’s earring.”