Megan Thee Stallion Set the Record Straight About Her Gunshot Wounds

The rapper confirmed that Tory Lanez shot her in the feet, and her friends and fans in the music industry have stepped up to support her by removing his features from their albums.

megan thee stallion selfie
Megan Thee Stallion. Courtesy of Instagram.

Just over a month ago, reports flooded the Internet that Megan Thee Stallion had been sent to the emergency room for gunshot wounds.

For a month the rumor mill churned—was the rapper in the car with her rumored then-boyfriend Tory Lanez? Was Kylie Jenner somehow involved?—and the rumors turned to tasteless “jokes” inquiring who shot her, but Megan Thee Stallion refused to confirm the identity of the person who pulled the trigger. Until now.

At first, reports claimed that Megan Thee Stallion was cut by glass inside the car. The other day, she released a gruesome image of the stitches sewn into her gunshot wounds on her feet, to send a message proving that she really had been shot after many naysayers trolled her social media with false claims that she had been lying about being shot in the car. And last night the 25-year-old rapper took to Instagram Live to confirm that, “Yes…Tory shot me.”

Now that Megan Thee Stallion has set the record straight, her friends and fans in the music industry have stepped up to support her. Jojo removed Tory Lanez’s verse from a feature she recorded with him off the forthcoming deluxe edition of her album Good to Know, and Kehlani did the same for her deluxe edition of It Was Good Until It Wasn’t. Rappers Yung Baby Tate and Asian Doll joined the chorus of support for Megan Thee Stallion, too.

“I tried to keep the situation off the Internet, but you dragging it,” she said on Instagram Live, rebutting the rumors and confirming that she never hit Tory Lanez, was not upset by any possible involvement with Jenner, and that she was trying to peacefully walk away from the car when he shot her from the backseat.

On the morning of the shooting, Tory Lanez was arrested for suspicion of possession of a concealed weapon. Megan Thee Stallion now confirms that she was indeed in the car with the musician, a friend of hers, and a member of his security detail, when they were pulled over by police after attending a party at Jenner’s home. The police then started behaving aggressively, and the rapper felt it was important to comply.

“I didn’t tell the police nothing because I didn’t want us to get in no more trouble,” the rapper said, noting the recent incidents of police violence that claimed the lives of innocent Black people, like George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, were on her mind at the time of the incident, which took place on July 12. “The police come, I’m scared. The police killing Black people for no reason. They were really aggressive,” she went on, explaining that there was a helicopter hovering above and that she did not want to reveal the fact that Tory Lanez had a gun in the car, effectively saving him from being another victim of police brutality.

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