At least one member of the Trump family sees being parodied on Saturday Night Live for the honor that it is: Melania Trump, who reportedly quite enjoys her impression by Cecily Strong. Appearing on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Strong revealed that Melania attended dinner with producer Lorne Michaels and the cast the week Trump hosted the show, and while she didn't say anything directly, "she pointed at me when she walked in," and then Donald told Cecily that Melania enjoyed her impression. She's also "heard through the grapevine that [Melania] watched the show and she likes it."

Aww. You can almost picture Mr. and Mrs. Trump curled up on their couch in the East Wing, tuning in to see if it's a rerun but always falling asleep by Weekend Update because they've had a long day of passing important legislation. Almost.

Strong's depiction of Melania has changed a bit since that dinner, evolving as Trump won the Republican nomination and then the presidency. After the infamous Access Hollywood tape dropped, her Melania led a gang of Trump-adjacent women in Lemonade spoof "Melaniade," and more recently she's been appearing in dreamy "Melania Moments" segments, written by Julio Torres, as a "curious icicle" pondering the deep mysteries of the universe like...what avenues are there in New York? Is there a sixth avenue? A fourth avenue?

But it's not a one-way street of communication between the show and the first lady. "I feel like she gives us little messages," said Strong. "When she decorated the White House for Christmas, I thought that was a gift she gave to us...and that white dress, staring at the ballerinas. That was for us!"

Check out Cecily's full interview here:

Will there be more coded messages to or from the First Lady during tonight's episode hosted by Natalie Portman? And is there a sixth avenue? We simply must know.

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