Michelle Monaghan, Actress, Is Now a Punk Goddess Come Down to Earth

With a little help from Dame Vivienne Westwood.

Sleepless, the new police thriller starring Jamie Foxx, T.I., Gabrielle Union, and Michelle Monaghan begins its roll-out this week, an antidote to the heavy fare lauded by the Golden Globes. (I dare you to hold it together through Manchester by the Sea or Moonlight.) A remake of a French thriller entitled Nuit blanche, Sleepless features Foxx and T.I. as two dirty Vegas cops caught up in a drug-dealing operation that results in the kidnapping of one of their kids.

Michelle Monaghan, one of the film’s stars, is a subtle, yet reliable presence on the red carpet, and she’s amped up her style for the latest premiere of Sleepless. Vivienne Westwood has been in the headlines on more than the rare occasion over the past few months — first, for consolidating her menswear and womenswear lines into a single eponymous brand, then, for teaming up with son Joe Corré to burn around $12.5 million in punk memorabilia as punk protest — and, with Monaghan, she’s back in the spotlight again, her stellar couture look lighting up the red carpet.

Michelle Monaghan in Vivienne Westwood at the premiere of *Sleepless* in Los Angeles, California, January 2017.

Getty Images

Who: Michelle Monaghan.

When: Thursday, January 5.

Where: The premiere of the new thriller Sleepless, starring Monaghan, Jamie Foxx, and Gabrielle Union, in Los Angeles, California.

What: A sequined wrap dress with a teal and black diamond motif from the Vivienne Westwood 2017 couture collection, paired with gold Stella Luna heels, an Edie Parker clutch, and vintage Cartier jewels.

Why: A couture piece from Westwood, Monaghan’s dress combines all the punk rock icon’s hallmarks — geometric prints, plenty of sparkle — with a wide-necked, almost Grecian wrap silhouette. It blends demure long sleeves with a daring show of collarbone; her bright and edgy eye makeup only bring out the subtle grid pattern on the dress. How better to inform the masses that you’re a screen goddess than with the wardrobe to back it up?

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