Portrait of a Fragrance

Dior invites artists to visualize one of their most iconic scents

Slovenian artist Nika Zupanc's installation for Miss Dior

How do you illustrate a scent? Dior asked 15 female artists in celebration of Miss Dior. The results—which range from Karen Kilimnik’s dioramas of Monsieur Dior’s favorite Versailles spot, the Temple of Love, to the Chinese painter Liang Yuanwei’s lovely interpretation of a 1949 Miss Dior gown—will be on display in “Esprit Dior, Miss Dior,” at the Grand Palais in Paris from November 13 through 25. My pick: the little room Slovenian Nika Zupanc made with walls woven in the classic Dior cannage pattern. She describes it as “a place to think and write.” I consider it my dream office.