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Some friends and I headed to MoMA on Saturday night anticipating the usual chardonnay, crudités and museum crowd that accompany most of its events. We didn't get the memo that the fête—celebrating the new Color Chart exhibition—would be a raging dance party.

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After talking our way in (the soiree sold out on Tuesday and Craigslist did brisk trade in tickets the day of) we entered a museum transformed. There wasn't a carrot stick in sight as throngs of twentysomething partygoers clad in primary colors and wild makeup broke it down to the music pouring through speakers lining the main hall. (The DJs, all signed to the dance-punk indie label DFA Records, had set up shop beneath Rodin's statue of Balzac.) One flight up, gaggles of hipsters fueled by pink rum concoctions were playing Twister.

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A few of the 1,500 guests even managed to gaze at the Warhols and Richters on display—the exhibition stayed open until the party ended at 1 a.m. The party was part of PopRally, an event series aimed at MoMA and PS1's younger patrons. The next PopRally event is on March 14 at PS1. For details, see http://moma.org/calendar/poprally/

Photos by Fred Benenson / www.fredbenenson.com