Naomi Campbell Offers Rare Look at Her Natural Hair With Cornrows

She showed off her new cornrows.

Calvin Klein Collection - Arrivals - September 2018 - New York Fashion Week
Monica Schipper/Getty Images

Naomi Campbell has ditched her signature straight hair once again. The super model shared a photo of herself in a new light on Instagram, showing off cornrows.

“Bare it all. ?? ,” she wrote in the caption of the photo, where she was positively glowing. “Done in Kenya ?? #NAOMIAFRICA.” In the last few posts Campbell shared, including the announcement that she was fronting a beauty campaign for NARS, the model had long straight hair.

Campbell has embraced her natural hair before, though, as recently as this past New York Fashion Week when she wore curls to take in Raf Simons’ last show for Calvin Klein, for spring 2019 (as pictured above). According to Campbell, she has been wearing natural hair more and more, in part to reverse some of the damage{: rel=nofollow} that years of wigs and extensions have done on her head.

“I do take more care of my hair now, because I lost all of it with extensions,” she told The Evening Standard in May of 2017. “I am more careful and I do different things.” When asked if her natural hair has grown back after she experienced hair loss, Campbell replied, “Yes. Thank God.”

She also talked about wearing wigs and extensions, saying, “Everybody in the world wears wigs. It doesn’t matter any more. I do what I want, or whatever the job calls for.” As for other kinds of add-ons to her appearance, like Botox and fillers, Cambell said, “If I want to do anything to myself I go pay for it and do it. If I want to do it, I do it. It’s like if I want to get eyelashes, I get them.”

Last fall, Campbell’s hairstylist Ro Morgan talked about the importance of taking breaks from extensions and wigs to allow your natural hair to thrive. “As the name suggests, a weave break is a period of time one removes their hair extensions from their hair and wears their natural hair, whether it’s in its curly state or straightened,” he told Essence. “People who wear weaves should give themselves a weave break to avoid the risk of traction alopecia. Also, to properly cleanse the scalp and make sure that the health of the hair and scalp is maintained… I believe one should take a weave break every six months or so, for a few weeks.” Morgan has also given his take on Campbell’s latest natural hairstyle: “Her beauty is BEYOND!!!”