Natalie Portman revived her Oscar-nominated Jackie Kennedy impression on Saturday Night Live last night, appearing as a pink Chanel-clad ghost to help a nervous Melania Trump (Cecily Strong, who claims the first lady loves her impression) prepare for her husband's first State of the Union. Sure, Trump was recently caught up in scandal after adult film star Stormy Daiels said she'd slept with the president while he was married to Melania, and Fire and Fury author Michael Wolff says there's an undisclosed affair, but you know who cheated on his First lady with the biggest film star of their era? JFK! In Jackie's signature soft-spoken cadence, Portman reminds Melania that her job is to use her platform to help a cause. Melania's is cyberbullying. Jackie's was "tiny hats."

Not to be outdone in the category of embarrassed first ladies, Hillary Rodham Clinton (Kate McKinnon) appears to remind the gang of the time her husband's affair became, you know, a full-on impeachment trial. But it was all worth it because ow Hillary is the president and it's going super well. They're then joined by Martha Washington (Aidy Bryant), who enumerates Ivanka Trump's responsibilities as being, actually, Melania's, before Michelle Obama (Leslie Jones) struts in to explain that her marriage to Barack was, is, and always will be perfect, and so are her arms, and she can be president if she wants.

Empowered by all the First Lady support she's received, Melania declares that she's ready to attend the State of the Union, she'll clap only if and when she feels like it, and her white pantsuit is totally a coincidence and not at all in support of suffragettes or modern-day women's movements. Watch the full (all-female!) sketch here, and then go watch Jackie if you havent seen it. It's really good.

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