With only 10 days to go until Twin Peaks's premiere on Showtime on May 21, David Lynch appears to have decided it's time to start pouring out the teasers; this time around, he's even starring in one himself. After sustaining fans with a mere atmospheric tracking shot of a forest in way of new developments of the show's revivals a few weeks ago, so far this month, Showtime has released some much meatier trailers—even if they've both lasted less than a minute.

That started with taking us once again around the terrain, from the Double R Diner to Fat Trout trailer park, and confirming that the drama will once again go down in the town of Twin Peaks. Then, just a few days later came more: Actual human beings, like a sulking "Big" Ed Hurley (Everett McGill), a decidedly white-haired Deputy Tommy "Hawk" Hill (Michael Horse), and, of course, Kyle MacLachlan's Agent Dale Cooper.

And on Thursday, at long last, a new trailer is finally showing us just a bit more, even surpassing the minute mark. Starting with a terrifying shot up the staircase in Laura Palmer's house, Bob potentially lurking out of sight, it features a harried, gray-haired Deputy Andy Brennan arriving at the Sheriff's with a picnic basket, a woman in hoop earrings who looks like she's poised to be the new Norma, and a blonde on a bed who just might be the new Audrey Horne. And then, of course, there's Lynch, who's seated at a conference table in his role of the hard of hearing bureau chief Gordon Cole, who only says one word, but still manages to yell.

There's no dialogue in the whole thing, really, but then again, that might be asking too much; we've already had a rare dose of Twin Peaks developments this week, including the unfortunate news that the actor Michael Parks, who played the French-Canadian drug runner Jean Renault, died at 77, joining Margaret Lanterman, aka the Log Lady, on the list of now deceased cast members. (If you're struggling to remember which Renault Jean was amidst the many enigmas on the show, you might recall that he made his on-screen appearance by waking up Audrey Horne with a handful of caramels.)

There's been some much better news mixed in there, too: also on Thursday, we got an idea of what the show will sound like this time around, which so far doesn't seem to include another personal appearance from Lynch, who also has two albums under his belt. Instead, the new soundtrack's potential feature is an eerie, synth-filled single from Johnny Jewel, a frontman of the band Chromatics, which fans picked up on when one of the record label's staffers tagged Twin Peaks in a tweet where she posted a clip. Still, the footage is Lynchian enough to justify an unofficial association; after all, as far as tweets are concerned, let the show remind us all that the owls—or birds, anyway—are not always what they seem.

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