Nili Lotan’s Tel Aviv

The designer shares the hot spots in her hometown.

A portrait of the designer.

For the Israeli designer Nili Lotan, the city of Tel Aviv is a constant source of creative inspiration. Lotan, along with her husband, David Broza–one of Israel’s most beloved celebrity musicians–splits her time between Israel and New York City. She credits her signature relaxed yet sophisticated aesthetic to the attitudes of life in Tel Aviv. “It is more laid back,” explains Lotan. “Growing up there, you develop a certain style. When you wear something, it really reflects your personality, and not the trends.” From her favorite seaside restaurant, to vibrant flea markets, and to a tour of Tel Aviv’s Bauhaus architecture, Lotan takes W on a cultural tour of her hometown. “When you talk about Tel Aviv, the first things you talk about are food, music, and the beach,” says Lotan. “The sense is that you are really there to have fun.”

FORTUNA DEL MAR This Mediterranean restaurant located near the Tel-Aviv Marina is one of my favorite places in Tel Aviv and one of the city’s most romantic and intimate spots. From your table, you can take in passing yachts and sailboats not to mention amazing sunsets. 14 Eliezer Peri Street, Tel Aviv, Israel. +972 3-523-6730

TOZERET HAARETZ Overlooking beautiful Masarik Park, this bohemian café serves up some of the best cakes and sweets in the city, as well as lovely meals. I adore their excellent shakshuka for breakfast. 12 Masarik Ave, Dizengoff, Tel Aviv. +972-3-522-0802

PUAH This café-restaurant, located on a little street in the heart of Jaffa’s Flea Market, serves up simple, wholesome dishes – it’s a great, laid-back spot for breakfast. 8 Rabbi Yohanan St., Tel Aviv +972 3-682-3821

DALLAL A French-Israeli bistro located inside the courtyard of a beautifully restored 19th-century house in the Suzanne Dallal Centre in Neve Tzedek, one of Tel Aviv’s oldest neighborhoods. 10 Shabazi St., Neve Tzedek, Tel Aviv. +972-3-510-9292

JAFFA FLEA MARKET A colorful, vibrant Flea Market where you can find amazing vintage clothing and furniture. East of the clock Tower, Tel Aviv. +972-3-527-2691

AGAS & TAMAR JEWELRY This shop has excellently designed, unpretentious gold and silver jewelry for both men and women. 43 Shabazi St., Neve Zedek, Tel Aviv. +972–516-8421

REUMA JEWELRY DESIGN Here, hand-made designs in gold, silver, and precious stones maintain the original-raw aspect of the materials. The design studio is located inside the store, allowing customers to watch how they create their unique pieces. 50 Ibn Gvirol Avenue, Tel Aviv. +972-3-696-5173

CARMEL MARKET (SHUK HA’CARMEL) This street market is my favorite place for food shopping on Fridays. It is open every day except Saturday. HaCarmel St. 11 (Between Allenby St., King George St. and Sheinkin St.)

BAUHAUS CENTER TEL AVIV Tel-Aviv earned the name the “White City” for its more than 4,000 Bauhaus-style buildings. During the 1930s, young German Jewish architects immigrated to Israel, and brought the aesthetic principles they had learned along with them. In 2003, the White City was proclaimed a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site. It is worth taking a walking tour of the city to explore these architectural gems. (Rothschild Blvd., and the surrounding area of Shenkin, Mazeh, and Kalisher streets)

BRASSERIE Located in the heart of Tel Aviv, this popular French restaurant is one of the city’s best. It feels like a traditional Parisian brasserie, and it is open 24 hours a day. 70 Ibn Gvirol St., Tel Aviv. +972-3-696-7111

TOTO The food at this formal Italian restaurant is excellent. The chef, Yalon Sharev, is one of the most talented in Israel. 4 Berkovich St., Tel-Aviv. +972-3-693-5151

MONTEFIORE HOTEL This boutique hotel in a restored 1920s house features twelve elegant rooms plus a cool bar and a French-Vietnamese restaurant. 36 Montefiore St., Tel Aviv. 03-564-6100

ABRAXAS Tel Aviv’s favorite venue for music, live performances, and late-night drinking. 40 Lilenblum, Tel-Aviv. +972-3-510-4435

YONA Located in old port of Jaffa, overlooking a scene of fishing boats and yachts, Yona specializes in seafood and local Mediterranean cuisine. Jaffa Port on the Pier, Tel-Aviv. +972-3-774-2222

ROTHCHILD 12 Rothschild 12 is one of the most popular bars in Tel Aviv. It has a great vibe at night, and offers free performances every evening. During the day, it transforms into a café with outdoor seating. 12 Rothchild Blvd, Tel Aviv. 03-510-6430

PEACOCK Located in a laid-back neighborhood, this bar has a great selection of beer and a funky soundtrack for a relaxed night out. 14 Marmorek St., Tel – Aviv. 03-686-8259