No Time To Die Trailer: Meet Your New 007

Lashana Lynch and Daniel Craig go toe to toe for the 007 title in No Time To Die.

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No Time To Die

According to James Bond, there’s only room for one 007 in town.

In the first official trailer for No Time To Die, Lashana Lynch is finally introduced as the new 007 who commands Daniel Craig’s James Bond to “stay in your lane” lest he get in her way and end up with a bullet in his knee. “The good one,” she clarifies.

And as a matter of fact, that sounds like the type of quip that could’ve been punched up by Phoebe Waller-Bridge, who was hired months ago to polish the script for No Time To Die with her signature brand of British humor.

No Time To Die also marks the return of Léa Seydoux as Madeleine Swann, a former lover of 007 last seen in Spectre, and introduces a new “Bond girl” named Paloma (played by Ana de Armas).

The 25th installment of the classic film series also introduces Rami Malek as a masked villain entering the fold. The reason he wears the mask is unclear, though there appears to have been some sort of accident that damaged his face to the point of needing coverage from the disfiguration his face must have experienced in the past.

And this wouldn’t be a Bond movie without a sneak peak of the latest tricked out ’63 Aston Martin that 007 drives to bring himself (and others) to safety.

Craig’s final turn as Bond will arrive on the big screen in April 2020, nearly five years after the 24th installment of the series, Spectre, which was released in November 2015. The only thing we’re waiting on now is the voice behind the theme song, which has yet to be revealed, and most likely won’t be announced until we get closer to the release date of the film next spring.

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