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As it turns out, W's design director Edward Leida has been up to much more than creating those groovy graphics that we featured a little while ago. He recently brought into the office a stunning and ingenious easel of his own design.

Made of blackened cold-rolled steel and inspired, as he explains, by Carlo Scarpa and the Bauhaus, the easel is fully adjustable in height to hold a framed artwork up to 38" tall, up to four inches thick and any width. Adjustable clamps with thumb turns and mounting brackets hold the piece in place. The cantilevered base, explains Eddie, is the "sexiest part" because when viewed from the front, the artwork almost looks as if it's being held up by a very thin line.

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Here are some shots of the easel in Eddie's office. (And yes, that is a taxidermied fox head—not everyone's favorite object here.) We hear that Eddie is having a limited number of the easels fabricated for friends and other interested clients over the next couple of months.