Pat McGrath

Courtesy of Pat McGrath

At this point, celebrities have been urging their followers to donate to groups supporting the Black Lives Matter movement for week. So, to keep the momentum going, some are getting creative—like Bella Hadid raising £10,000 by auctioning off her Miu Miu boots.

The latest to do so is the legendary makeup artist (and longtime W contributor) Pat McGrath, who’s offering a slightly more accessible incentive to open your purse. Today, Tuesday, at 5 p.m. EST, McGrath is sharing her secrets to creating the “ultimate” smokey eye—or in McGrath parlance, “the divine smoke eye”—in exchange for $10, which she’ll donate to the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund “in support of its mission to achieve racial justice, equality, and an inclusive society.” 

When it comes to learning from one of the fashion industry’s most influential (and tenured) makeup artists, $10 may seem like too good of a bargain to be true. (Especially when you consider that one of the products she’ll be using costs $125.) But the asterisk that accompanies the ticket price on McGrath’s site isn’t what you’d expect. Instead of a catch, it’s a promise that “mother will match you,” meaning Pat McGrath Labs will double the proceeds of each ticket. 

An added bonus: McGrath has promised that there will be surprise guests, who’ll be spilling some all-caps “MAJOR TEA.” As for who those guests will be, the possibilities are endless: McGrath is an industry darling, with fans ranging from Naomi Campbell—who starred in her last “master chat”—to Cardi B. 

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