Mobil Mogul

Gallerist Peter Makebish pops up in Nolita.

Bill Saylor and Elizabeth Balogh

On Wednesday, artists like Greg Bogin, Wendy White, and Max Snow spilled into the street outside curator Peter Makebish’s new pop-up gallery in New York’s Nolita. The draw was the opening of artist Bill Saylor’s new painting show, featuring three new monumental works on canvas, but it was the company that kept the conversation going. The crowd at Makebish’s nomadic gallery changes with each location, but the Elizabeth Street location represents a kind of homecoming for Makebish, who first entered the New York downtown scene as a music photographer in the 1980s. “I used to know everyone here,” says Makebish about the neighborhood. “I guess I still do.”

Photos: Mobil Mogul

Max Snow and Malcolm Ford. Courtesy of Makebish.

Bill Saylor and Elizabeth Balogh. Courtesy of Makebish.

Elizabeth street gallery. Courtesy of Makebish.

Aidas Bareikis, Peter Makebish, and friend. Courtesy of Makebish.