Field of Dreams

French artist Philippe Parreno’s largest American exhibition opens at New York’s Park Avenue Armory.

Philippe Parreno

Philippe Parreno’s shows are never static—they’re cinematic, choreographed events. The French artist, best known for his video portrait of the soccer star Zinedine Zidane, is converting New York’s expansive Park Avenue Armory drill hall into a dark, dreamlike space where works will appear to bleed into one another. “The architecture will come from the movement of the people throughout the space,” Parreno says of his largest ever American exhibition, which opens June 11 (through August 2), “going from one moment to another.” More than two dozen light-up marquees, the sort you’d see on old-style Broadway theaters, will frame videos of ghosts, manga characters, and Marilyn Monroe—all backed by the pianist Mikhail Rudy, who’ll be playing live throughout. Parreno will be around, too—every day. “I want to be able to change things, create new things,” he says. “The show will become a studio, you know?”