Not only did Fleabag's Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Barry's Bill Hader both win Best Actress and Actor in a Comedy respectively at the 2019 Emmy Awards, but as it turns out the pair were also already scheduled to in turn present the award for Best Supporting Actor in a Limited Series together. It was an unexpected but surprisingly fitting pairing that had a whole lot of Twitter feeling some sort of way. The general consensus was that at the very least, the two comedic titans should star in a romantic comedy together.

While Hader has some experience in that arena (he played the love interest in Amy Schumer's Trainwreck after all), English sensation Waller-Bridge hasn't an occasion for a full-on big screen breakthrough yet (to be fair, she's quite busy behind the scenes producing Killing Eve, co-writing the next James Bond film, and working on a new series Run). We couldn't help but wonder what the two could accomplish if they teamed up, and apparently we're far from the only ones.

If Ben Whishaw, the actor they ended up presenting an award to, wants to get in on the project, we'd be into that as well.

Of course, it might be increasingly hard to pin either Waller-Bridge or Hader down.

Waller-Bridge's Run has already been ordered straight to series at HBO, though she'll only be acting in a supporting role. Hader, meanwhile, is coming off the mega-hit It Chapter Two (for which he received his lion's share of critical praise). He'll be co-starring with Anna Kendrick in the Christmas comedy Noelle, and is attached to Empress of Serenity opposite Issa Rae (he's also got more seasons of Barry, obviously). Still, we'd really appreciate the help of their agents, producers of their previous commitments, and the rest of the Hollywood community in general to make this happen.

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