“According to numerology, this new year is the end of a nine-year cycle,” said Brooklyn-based natural healer and crystal therapy guru Kalisa Augustine. “There are a lot of people going through the end, transitions, letting go and the completion of cycles. That can be hard for people to understand.” If your 2017 is off to a rocky start, you aren’t alone. Whether it’s everything happening politically that’s affecting you, or your personal life is getting intense, there’s a crystal to help, or so the crystal healing gurus claim. Below, stones to add to your crystal arsenal ASAP as 2017 gets underway. It’s often said that the right crystal will find you, but just in case it doesn’t, keep these in mind for your next crystal shopping adventure.

Augustine suggests getting an Ametrine (a combo of an Amethyst and Citrine) as you let go of the old and bring in the new. “Citrine brings that new life and energy and mojo to get going again, and Amethyst connects you to your higher self and divine energy,” she said. “It connects you to your highest potential.

Rose quartz to nurture any current romantic relationships or open your heart up to new love. Photo: Advisory Board Crystals.

Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz is an essential for every crystal collection. Carry it with you and keep one in your bedroom, as this is a stone of the heart. Whether you are looking to nurture any current romantic relationships or hoping to open your heart up to new love, Rose Quartz is just the ticket. It helps sooth broken hearts and emotional wounds and makes way for an open heart ready to receive love. This soothing crystal is also good for those who are looking to get better sleep—it’s calming energies will bring you a good sleep and beautiful dreams.

Carry the powerful Moonstone with you for new beginnings, insight and intuition. Photo: Advisory Board Crystals.

Pyrite is a power stone that’s helpful in many areas, from increasing your willpower and motivation to improving your finances (whether you want to make wiser money decisions or overcome financial hardship).

Deeply connected to the moon and feminine energies, this ethereal stone should always be in your travel bag. Carry the powerful Moonstone with you for new beginnings, insight and intuition. Keep in mind that a new moon is a particularly good time to set intentions with your Moonstone nearby.

Black Tourmaline
Stone, the crystal glossary app, says it best: “Black tourmaline is a grounding, anxiety-diffusing, confidence-inspiring, purifying power stone when used in meditation, worn around the neck, kept in the pocket of your favorite jeans, stashed in the glove box…seriously, just put it everywhere.”

Moss Agate epitomizes stability, incredible persistence, and absolute grounding. Photo: Advisory Board Crystals.

Moss Agate
This is another stone that’s all about new beginnings. According to Advisory Board Crystals, “Moss Agate epitomizes stability, incredible persistence, and absolute grounding. It is know to galvanize trust, hope, and further abolish the stresses of today’s modern lifestyle, in order to establish parallelism in ones modern life.”

The crystal experts at Spellbound Sky, a crystal shop in Los Angeles, say that Carnelian is “used for courage, confidence, creativity, and getting in that motivated mode.... the perfect stone to amplify all that proactive energy needed to make those 2017 intentions a reality.”

Aragonite for finding balance and gaining confidence and strength in your life.

From Stone: “We’ve all had ‘em: ugly breakups, misguided decisions, mutated dreams, and big ideas gone bad. And some just hang in longer than others. When it’s time to really get over it and really move on—chin up, head high, middle fingers blazing—get down with Aragonite and get down with deep heeling.” This is the perfect stone for finding balance and gaining confidence and strength in your life.

Like Rose Quartz, Selenite is part of every stone lover’s core collection. Especially as the new year gets underway, Selenite is important for clearing and cleansing and getting rid of bad energies. Time to get rid of that bad juju!

Smoky Quartz
From Stone: "Smoky Quartz is ideal for clearing the path ahead of dark detritus–insecurities, fears, and those sociopaths and narcissists who come in the guise of friends. Smoky Quartz has a swaddling effect, hold you down (in a good way) and laying a foundation for clear insights to emerge from the ooze of everyday life."

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