Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton at the second presidential debate in St. Louis, Missouri, October 2016.

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Coppens, Tim
Creative director of Under Armour's new luxury line UAS. He never dreamed of working in a historic design house, anyways.

Dewitt, Cali Thornhill
The artist behind Kanye West's Pablo tour merch is doing his own thing — this time, on American flags, rather than t-shirts.

Hadid, Gigi
And: Hadid, Bella; Jenner, Kendall. The three next-gen supermodels are all going behind the camera. We wonder: Is Instagram to blame?

Lauren, Ralph
Based on Sunday night's debate wardrobe, could designer Ralph Lauren be in charge of Hillary Clinton's commander-in-chief look?

Michele, Alessandro
Recruited four artists — including GucciGhost Trouble Andrew — to create installations in Tokyo representing different facets of the brand. Each artist gets a room of his own; the whole thing will also be available via a virtual interactive exhibit because even Michele's Renaissance-inspired designs need a bit of futurism.

Jeremy Scott's pill-themed collection for Moschino has been pulled from Nordstrom stores. Except... That'll do about as much to solve the opioid crisis as Donald Trump's beloved wall.

Trump, Donald
Speaking of Donald Trump, noted admirer and lover of women that he is, a new leak from the days of The Apprentice reveals the reality television mogul — and presidential candidate — commenting on (what else?) a female contestant's need for "dermatology."