The Ratched Trailer’s Wildest Moments

Monkeys, peaches, shirtless Finn Wittrock. This is definitely a Ryan Murphy show.

Sarah Paulson in Ratched.
via Netflix

Sarah Paulson plays an already quite established character in Netflix’s upcoming Ratched. The unhinged nurse was already a standout in Ken Kessey’s original novel One Flew Over The Cuckoo‘s Nest and the Jack Nicholson-starring 1975 film adaptation of the same name. Though, the first trailer for the show leaves no question that this is decidedly, and one hundred percent a product of Paulson’s frequent collaborator and producer Ryan Murphy.

For starters, the first introduction we get to Paulson as nurse Mildred Ratched is at a vintage drive-up gas station, an important motif in Murphy’s previous Netflix series Hollywood. Inexplicably, the beats of Broadway classic “Big Spender” kick in to score the trailer. It’s a song that has no previous connection (or obvious thematic relationship) to the Ratched character, but Murphy seems to love it. He used it twice on Glee. Here, a few more out-there moments from the teaser.

Finn Wittrock, Shirtless in a Cage

Wittrock first joined the Murphy-verse as serial killer named Dandy in American Horror Story. The character started off the season with a distinctive wardrobe of pastel sweaters, but by the end of it was almost as frequently seen in bloody tighty-whities as he was in a clown costume. Here he first appears shirtless, on all fours, locked in a cage. This character, too, is a serial killer, but so far there’s no indication he’s one of the clown suit variety this time around. That’s growth, we guess.

The Peach Scene

A few years back, the only thing peaches could book was a bit part in the opening of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, which only underscores just how hot peaches’ pop culture career has been of late. After filming one of the steamiest sex scenes of the decade in Call Me By Your Name, peaches had a small but pivotal role in Parasite. If we were Peaches’ agent we’d advise them to wait for a part in a Marvel movie to really cash-in, but Ryan Murphy decided he needed to enter the peaches chat and devotes a large portion of the trailer to an argument involving the fruit.

Puppet Inception

Inexplicably, there’s a short cut to a view of puppets watching a show put on by even smaller puppets.

Sharon Stone and Her Matching Monkey

Every Murphy production has its breakout young star, but because Ratched‘s cast is loaded with established names, that role might belong to the monkey on Sharon Stone’s shoulder. He entrance: iconic. Her wardrobe: statement-making, but not overpowering. Her angles: known. The star power is strong with this one. Peaches, watch out. You might be overshadowed.

Jon Jon Briones Getting High on His Own Supply

You can’t have an over-the-top show set in a medical facility without at least one drug-abusing doctor, but the choice of huffing anesthesia here is a nice touch.

Whoever These Kids Are

There’s absolutely no context included about who these characters are, but the little Nicholas Hoult lookalike and his sister are already creeping us out.

The show is set to premier on September 18th, and will assuredly have more drama in store. Don Cheadle, Brandon Flynn, Rosanna Arquette, and Hunter Parrish are also set to appear in the series, and we’re sure will bring some memorable moments of their own.

Watch the full trailer here: