[#image: /photos/58539b63d3b7a5db18f3bca0]||||||St. Barths do: Marc Jacobs's Birkin doubles as a beach bag. Huffington Post

Fashion is message. Do I look rich? Do I look available? Do I look like I get it? Fashion is also context. And in the year since the industry placed its absurdly bright hopes on Mrs. Obama and her wardrobe, much has changed and dimmed. Is this how a modern, educated, working woman wants to be viewed in her first historic year—as a maven, an icon? Who's Barbie now?"—Cathy Horyn, stirring things up in yesterday's NY Times. Fashionista

Lindsay Lohan poses for a swimsuit photoshoot in Santa Monica but her smile is upstaged by nasty cuts, bruises and scratches on her body. Ew. Daily Mail

Yves Rocher, the baron of eco-beauty, died of a stroke in Paris on Christmas Day at age 79. Huffington Post

If you haven't confirmed your New Year's Eve reservation yet, ring in 2010 with Courtney Love. She'll be displaying her talents at The Top of the Standard formerly known as the Boom Boom Room. Fashionista

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