Reebok and Maison Kitsuné Play Ball

Reebok x Maison Kitsuné

Reebok x Maison Kitsuné

News of the upcoming Reebok x Maison Kitsuné collaboration may surprise fashionistas, but sneakerheads already know all about it. The collaboration kicked off earlier this year with a super-limited (as in 500 pairs available only in Japan) release of two Kitsuné-ified versions of Reebok’s Classic Leather and Freestyle Hi sneakers. Naturally, both styles “sold out in a second,” according to Reebok Japan Director Satoru Endo. “And it was amazing.”

Also amazing (and available—for now) is the full unisex capsule collection designed by Kitsuné’s Masaya Kuroki, including sporty standouts like a red and white varsity jacket, a logo baseball tee, and a two-tone version of the Classic Leather Nylon shoe. “When I was a kid I used to play baseball but I was not that good—I was always on the bench watching my friends play!” says Kuroki with a laugh. “But this time I will be the main player.”

It was designer and rapper Verbal who introduced Endo and Kuroki—not surprising considering that both brands have roots in the music world. Reebok has been collaborating with musicians like Jay Z, 50 Cent, and Kendrick Lamar for over a decade and Kitsuné started out as a record label and continues to host well-soundtracked club nights across the globe. The collection launches this New York Fashion Week, which begs the question: Street style is a game too, no?

Reebok x Maison Kitsuné launches September 12th at Reebok and Maison Kitsuné stores.