What the Rich Kids of Instagram Are Thankful for this Thanksgiving

For a clothing line, a Maserati, the usual priceless tchotchkes…

Today, all over the country, Americans will sit down for their traditional Thanksgiving dinners and express gratitude, for their health, for their loved ones, for myriad little things that exalt the routine of everyday life. The Rich Kids of Instagram want to say thanks too…

Clarisse Lafleur

Handle: @clarisselafleur

“I am very thankful for this beautiful Maserati Granturismo S. It’s the most beautiful car. I love the color and I am aware that not every 18-year-old girl gets the chance to sit in that kind of car. I am also very thankful for the beautiful 40cm Hermès Birkin bag from my mother. I have other Birkin bags but this one is the biggest. It is a black and gold bag, it’s timeless, not too flashy and I can use it to travel and go shopping! Finally I am thankful for the Juste Un Clou bracelet that my brother gave me for my birthday. It’s such an iconic piece; mine is gold with diamonds. It’s very difficult to choose bracelets because I have such a small wrist…”

Andrew Warren

Handle: @adwarren

“I really love and appreciate anything my grandmother gets for me because they mean more coming from her. Most of my favorite jewelry pieces I’m thankful to have are from her. I love my Jacob & Co watch she got me – I think mine is more unique then most of the ones I see other people wearing. Also I love the Cartier ring and love bracelet she got me. Most of all, even though I’m lucky to have nice things, my clothing line, Just Drew Clothing is what I’m most thankful for. It’s very expensive to start a clothing line and I’m really fortunate that my parents and grandmother are backing me on something that I want to do to follow in the footsteps of my grandfather.”

Zach Haroutunian

Handle: @bon_et_copieux

“I am thankful to play the piano. There is absolutely no feeling comparable to sitting at my favorite Steinway and playing my favorite Chopin pieces. Of course I’m thankful for my lifestyle and privilege and I am aware of it, but it would mean absolutely nothing if I didn’t know what to do with it. My charity work means the world to me.”

Logan Horne Handle: @jloganhorne

“Right now I’m thankful for my new Coach shearling jacket, it’ll come in handy when I go apple picking upstate this fall.”

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