[#image: /photos/5853863257dfc3b0230f7f7f]||||||As a long-time resident of upper Battery Park City, I've watched the neighborhood morph into a massive construction site. (Seriously, with the incessant jack-hammering, it's like modern-day Beijing.) But happily for the environment, it's a battleground of eco-correctness, with each new residential building besting its predecessor on such forward-thinking design details as solar panels, low-VOC wall paints, recycled flooring and H20-filtration systems. First it was the Solaire, the five-year-old granddaddy of the bunch, followed in rapid succession by Tribeca Green (chez moi) and the Verdesian.

All have been overshadowed of late—literally and figuratively—by Riverhouse. The first condo development in the area, it's been a buzz magnet since it broke ground two years ago, a phenomenon only heightened with the recent news that both Leo and Tyra have purchased apartments in the 31-story, 264-unit property. No doubt they were attracted by the stunning views of the Hudson and bells and whistles that include an indoor lap pool, City Bakery and Poet's House, a poetry library stocked with some 50,000 titles. And if Mr. Dicaprio and Ms. Banks ever decide to go the kids route, they'll have Rockefeller Park in their backyard—a frequent haunt of parents Jon Stewart, Ed and Christy, Beastie Boy Mike D, director Tamra Davis and a constellation of Nineties supermodels.

So I was of course intrigued when an invitation crossed my desk for the opening bash, held last night in two adjacent model pads. One, where I hung out, was a three-bedroom eco-luxe spread designed by Thom Filicia, open to the public through Tuesday. Though I had to sign a waiver before entering just in case the still-under-construction edifice came crashing down, it was worth the trip. Let's just say I was green with envy.

One Rockefeller Park
Thom Filicia model apartment viewing:
May 17 & 18, noon to 4 p.m.
May 19 & 20, noon to 7 p.m.

Photo: An eco-correct bedroom in the Thom Filicia model apartment at Riverhouse.

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