Robert Pattinson Just Wants To Dance, Okay?

May his longstanding wish to portray a ballet dancer come true.

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Move over Mikhail Baryshnikov—Robert Pattinson is coming for you.

In a conversation with Jennifer Lopez for Variety‘s Actors on Actors series, Pattinson revealed that after all the parts he’s played and is preparing for—from a vampire to a caped crusader to a 19th century mustachioed lighthouse keeper—the dream role he has yet to score is a ballet dancer.

Pattinson said that “for years” he was trying “to do a ballet movie” but when his agent asked if he knew how to dance, he had to say no. Lopez—who refers to Pattinson not as Robert or Rob or even RPatz, but Bobby—asked him if there was “something fascinating to you about the world of being a male ballet dancer?” The actor replied, “I think there’s a ballerina inside me.”

This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to fans of the actor, who has expressed his love for dance in the past. In a 2012 interview with Extra, when he was asked if there was one thing he would change about himself, he said, “I wish I was a better dancer.”

Learning to become a ballerino would likely require intense training but Pattinson has already proved willing to go to great lengths to get into character. Our suggestion: since Hollywood is so keen on reboots, why not make some sort of Black Swan meets Billy Elliot hybrid and cast Pattinson as the lead? Maybe Natalie Portman can give him some tips. Judging by his standstill head bop move while listening to Drake perform “Worst Behavior” at Coachella in 2015, he needs all the help he can get.

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