Guests at Zhukova’s fete.

Weeks after Dasha Zhukova lured hundreds of art-world bigwigs to Moscow to celebrate her new exhibition space in a landmark bus depot, another glamorous Russian is acquiring another bus depot (designed by the same architect, Konstantin Melnikov). Stella Kesaeva, the long-legged wife of billionaire tobacco oligarch Igor Kesaev, is partnering with the Russian government on a new museum in the Melnikov space in the city center. Kesaeva, who by Moscow standards has a lengthy track record in contemporary art (she’s been collecting since way back in 2002 and operates the Stella Art Foundation, which exhibits neglected Russian conceptual artists, among others), says her space will include an academy to train Russian talent: “We will offer master classes from the best artists and professors in the world.”

Art Garage: Epsilon/Getty Images