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The theme of the evening at the SAG Awards on Sunday night was activism. In addition to numerous charged speeches on stage—Moonlight actor Mahershala Ali had a particularly moving speech and Veep winner Julia Louis-Dreyfus took down Donald Trump directly—actors like Brie Larson penned long notes on Instagram in order to take a stand, too.

The SAG awards ceremony coincided with protests around the country regarding Donald Trump's controversial ban on immigrants from predominantly muslim countries like Iran, Syria, Sudan, Libya, Somalia, Yemen and Iraq, as well as the signing of an executive order to build the much-talked-about US-Mexico border wall. Sunday night also brought Uber's actions during the protests at JFK airport to the forefront, which Hidden Figures actress Janelle Monae responded to by posting that she deleted the app on Instagram.

In her note, Brie Larson took preemptive action for the inevitable responses outspoken celebrities like herself would get that night: "In the future, when you disagree with what I share, instead of calling me ‘elite’, ‘ignorant’, or any of your other choice words—to instead remember I am on your side."

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