Listen to Agoria

Sebastien Devaud

Photo courtesy of Park Avenue Armory.

This week, the conceptual artist Philippe Parreno debuted his largest exhibition in the US yet at New York’s Park Avenue Armory. For the multimedia installation, which consists of Parreno’s short films, live performances, and title-less theater marquees suspended from the ceiling, the artist tapped electronic DJ and music producer Agoria a.k.a. Sebastien Devaud to design a minimal, futuristic soundscape. The challenge: Devaud wouldn’t be able to see the work before creating the score. “Philippe’s process is never planned,” explains Devaud from his recording studio in Paris, “nothing is static with him, it’s always changing, but that’s what I love.”

The Parisian-born DJ admits he wasn’t well versed in contemporary art prior to collaborating with Parreno, but quickly adapted his process. “When I play in a club or at a festival it’s a live exchange with the crowd—for this exhibition my exchange is with marquees,” he explains, for which he wrote the minimal, futuristic score that reverberates throughout the space. You’ll have to see—and hear—the show to believe it.