For the hard-core fashion addict, missing out on a coveted runway item can have long-lasting effects. In the case of the author, missing out on a Balenciaga jacket from F/W07 at Barneys and then again on has led to obsessive eBay stalking and (metaphorical) self-flagellation over what could have been. There’s even a name for the condition: regret of non-purchase (RONP).

For those sufferers still agonizing over Céline’s perfect patchwork denim shirt from pre-fall 2011, the cure to your ailment has arrived courtesy of Sandro. The“Jekyll” blouse ($250, features a bib of dark denim inset against a light-wash shirt with elongated tails and a Nehru-style collar, evoking the Celine without infringing.

Grab this one while it’s still in stock, or risk falling victim to RONP all over again.