InvisibleNakedVersion by Andreia Chaves

InvisibleNakedVersion by Andreia Chaves, 2011. Photo by Andrew Bradley

On the heels of the Brooklyn Museum’s stiletto-centric show last fall, London’s Victoria & Albert Museum is offering its own exploration of footwear, “Shoes: Pleasure and Pain.” Rather than staggering heights, the V&A’s show focuses on the unique fetishism of shoes from both a historical and a contemporary standpoint. The more than 250 pairs of shoes on display include everything from ancient Egyptian sandals to the sky-high heels worn by famed footwear-fanatics like Daphne Guinness and Sarah Jessica Parker. The show opens this weekend—run don’t walk. Here, a few highlights.

Shoes: Pleasure and Pain is on view starting June 13th at the Victoria & Albert Museum,