Sockerbit—the one-stop West Village destination for all of your Scandinavian candy needs—has collaborated with local all-natural popsicle purveyor Go-Go Pops to serve up innovative frozen treats with varieties of incredible specialty candy inside them.

Each of the limited-edition flavors— they include lingonberry, elderflower with lemon, and salted licorice—have a distinctly Swedish flair; the flavors are also aligned with seasonal produce offerings and naturally sweetened with cane sugar, making for a cold treat that’s noticeably fresher than the competition. “There’s only one cup of sugar in every 500 popsicles,” boasts Sockerbit founder Florence Baras.

Though the Popsicles are only available at Sockerbit's West Village outpost, their candy is available year-round in-store as well as at (89 Christopher St., New York City; 212.206.8170)