A Dream Job

Celebrating the glamorous fashion pages of her youth, Sofia Coppola explains the inspiration behind her spring issue.

Sofia Coppola
Photographer: Andrew Durham

I remember looking at W as a kid and getting a glimpse into the lives of these glamorous, adult women. There were hostesses and socialites, toile and place cards, movie stars’ wives with crimped hair in well-dressed Manhattan apartments, debs of the year, and exotic vacation homes. The stories in W let you dream about the kind of life that women stabbed well-coiffed backs to achieve. Here are some of my favorite things in that mood, and in the spirit of indulging in beauty and style.

Growing up loving photography and fashion, I always wanted to be a magazine editor. I styled my first fashion shoot at age 10: My friends and I wore white linen blazers and French braids and held cognac glasses as we stood next to a globe. Now, thanks to Stefano Tonchi and Lynn Hirschberg, I got to do my own issue of W! My take on the magazine is an homage to that world it represented when I was young, and to the idea of glamorous living—not to promote something, but just for the sake of it.

And with all the fast, flashy culture today, how about a little refinement? Here’s to beauty and living well, and taking the time to enjoy it.

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