Back to Memphis

Sofia Coppola’s ’80s obsession is having a moment.

Memphis Design Living Room
Photograph by Dennis Zanone/

As a kid in the ’80s, I was obsessed with Memphis design. I remember poring over Barbara Radice’s book for inspiration. And while I did not live in a real Ettore Sottsass madhouse, my mom indulged my passion by allowing me to make fake Memphis dressers with gray squiggles on them for my bedroom. I’m glad that many accessible pieces from that era are still in production. For example, I love this Nathalie Du Pasquier Carrot vase that friends of mine have at their house.

Photos: Back to Memphis

The living room of a private collector in Tennessee. Photograph by Dennis Zanone/

Barbara Radice’s Memphis. Courtesy of Rizzoli.

Nathalie Du Pasquier Carrot vase, $492, Photograph by Dennis Zanone/