SoKo front row at Chanel Fall 2016. Photo by Getty Images.

Stephanie Sokolinski, also known as Soko, or "Soko the Cat," took over the front rows at Paris Fashion Week this season, showing up at big shows like Stella McCartney, Lanvin, Giambattista Valli, and, of course, Chanel. Born in Bordeaux, the L.A.-based 30-year-old Frenchie first received for her acting, starring in a French short in 2003, and eventually in American films like 2013's Oscar-nominated Her. In 2007, she began her music career (one of her more recent singles is called, "Who Wears the Pants??"). Last month, she collaborated with Autre magazine on "Sextagram," a zine that chronicles all the salacious DM's she gets on Instagram. We spoke with her about everything from buying underwear in supermarkets to her favorite Instagram follows.


How would you describe your style?
Hiding my insecurities behind weird grungy clothes.

Favorite store(s) in Los Angeles:
American Rag, Opening Ceremony.


Favorite vintage store(s) in Los Angeles:
American Vintage, Jet Rag. Mostly, I just got to the Rosebowl for the best vintage ever!

Nighttime look:
Big creepers or Dr. Martens or big platform Mishka shoes, black tights, tiny skirt, vintage rock tee and oversized bombers with a red hoodie.

Style icons/inspirations:
Robert Smith and 80's Madonna.

Best recent discovery:
They have the best granny underwear at Monoprix in Paris! So cheap too!

Style pet peeve:
NO SEPTUM RING. For the love of God, please!

Last purchase:
An extra-large vintage silver bomber jacket and a red vintage shirt with big white polka dots.

Lusting after:
Pretty much all the Pamela Love jewelry!

Something you always carry with you/travel with:
Ear plugs. I need them to sleep on flights, and to go to shows.

Something you would never wear:
A THONG! Or … A fake sexy nurse outfit! Lol. To be honest, I love playing with clothes, and as an actress it's a big part of my job — finding a character through her wardrobe. So I'd wear anything, really!

Most prized possession(s) in your closet:
My grandma's camel trench coat. It was pretty much her signature look. I cherish it.

Favorite accessories you own:
My rings. They all have crazy stories. One being the wedding ring of my mom and dad that my mum got melted together after my dad died. She gave it to me when I left home at 16 for good luck.

Fashion week secrets:
Go to bed early! And do not miss the Chanel show.

Something you can’t wait to wear when it gets warm out:
My unicorn swimsuit!

Music you’re listening to right now:
The new Diiv record, the new Kurt Vile, the new Deerhunter, new Beach House, and new Sunflower Bean records — all on repeat!

Something you’re reading right now:
Happiness, by Matthieu Ricard.

5 Instagram accounts you like to follow:
@oliviaB33, @areta, @cameronmccool, @swmrs, @amandacharchian

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