Gina Rodriguez’s Someone Great Might Be the Next Netflix Movie Sensation

Gina Rodriguez plays the relatable lead on the brink of 30.

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Thanks to Netflix, the rom-com is stronger than it’s ever been over the course of this decade, and it’s not letting down on that front anytime soon. Indeed, from the looks of the trailer for the Gina Rodriguez–starring Someone Great, which hits the streaming service on April 19, Netflix is going to keep churning must-talk-about rom-coms for the foreseeable future.

The story picks up when Rodriguez, playing a music writer named Jenny, finds out that she got hired by her dream magazine in San Francisco. As great as that sounds, it doesn’t come without complications: Jenny lives in New York City alongside her best friends, played by DeWanda Wise and Brittany Snow, and her boyfriend of a decade, played by Lakeith Stanfield. After Jenny tells Stanfield’s character that she has to relocate, their relationship quickly fizzles out when he tells her he’s unwilling to do the same. Jenny is left to mend her heart while she prepares for the big life transition and says goodbye to her friends and N.Y.C.

“We were together for nine years. I thought we could handle anything,” Jenny says of her boyfriend, later adding, “This is the end of an era. Everything’s changing.” One thing that’s stable: her friendship with the characters played by Wise and Snow. Accordingly, she tells them, “I leave in a week, and then I turn 30, and then I die, probably. I need one last epic day with my girls.”

Of course, that one last day gets stretched out to impossible drama, including Rodriguez dropping her phone in the toilet and, later, running into Stanfeld at a party DJ’d by Questlove. The cast is rounded out by Rosario Dawson and Alex Moffa, with appearances from rising comedy star Jaboukie Young-White and the legendary RuPaul.

While the film is a rom-com, it’s equally about Rodriguez’s character’s friendships, as the actress recently explained. “I mean, Lakeith was my dream actor to be working with for this. I actually just adore him. I think he’s a phenomenal actor,” she told Elle. “But it’s definitely about her and her relationship with her friends, and her relationship with herself. You know: When do we choose others? When do we choose ourselves? With decisions that aren’t easy—when are you willing to make them and why?” We’ll soon find out the answer to that come mid-April.