Feeling a little sick of my winter boots, I love that for spring there are plenty of boots out there to take you well into summer. Here are my three favorites:

  1. As with most women, I love anything Chanel—from make up to jackets, the eponymous bag, and of course shoes. I tried on an amazing pair of silver mini chain cage boots that were in the W closet for a photo shoot last week, and I am officially in love. This morning I came across them again at an appointment in Bergdorf Goodman. I can’t seem to get them out of my head.
  1. I wasn’t immediately drawn to these boots at first, but after buying the kind-of-matching, patent navy blue coat from Balenciaga, they started calling my name. Probably because they would make a plain outfit incredibly cool, as with all things Balenciaga. I love the metallic blue but for practical purposes I’ll most likely buy the black as soon as they hit stores.
  1. While I am getting ready to pack for my trip to the watch fair in Basel, I am including these boots from Christian Louboutin—practical and good for whatever weather awaits me in Europe. There is no better transitional boot than this one.