St. Vincent and Carrie Brownstein Are Making a Satirical Concert Film Together

The next great music industry satire.

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Carrie Brownstein and Annie Clark of St. Vincent are teaming up for another round of comedy—again, at the expense of the music industry. The artists, who collaborated on a fake interview series, musing on what it means to be “a woman in music,” back in 2017, are working on a satirical concert film. The project, which doesn’t have a title yet, will be centered around Brownstein and Clark playing “heightened versions of themselves” while dealing with all of the moving pieces of being a musician in 2019, as Collider notes.

Apparently, the scripted film will be “shot like a documentary” but isn’t being called a “mockumentary,” even though it sounds a lot like one. Clark and Brownstein are co-writing the project, while Bill Benz, of Portlandia and The Kroll Show, will be directing. Other than that, there isn’t much information right now. Presumably, though, the fake interview series that Brownstein and Clark did a couple of years ago, to promote Clark’s album Masseduction, offers a glimpse of what the film will be like.

In the series, Clark was given prompts like “Insert question about what it’s like to play a show in heels” and “Insert question about being a woman in music.” For the latter, the camera panned to Clark’s nails, which were painted to spell out “fuck off.” “Very good question,” Clark replied, deadpan. As for playing a show in heels, Clark said, “Well, you do have to rehearse, but it does something to your posture that I really like. It also does something crippling, which I like.”

Clark and Brownstein, who were rumored to be dating several years ago, have also worked together on other occasions. Back in 2010, Brownstein and her Portlandia cohort Fred Armisen codirected St. Vincent’s music video for “Laughing With a Mouth Full of Blood.” More recently, Clark has been producing the next album for Brownstein’s beloved band Sleater-Kinney. Clark and Brownstein have also written songs together, as Clark revealed back in 2014, though they were never released. “We wrote a couple songs one time that I thought were really cool,” she told Marc Maron at the time. “They’re in GarageBand somewhere.” With their upcoming film, what better time to release them?