Stella Ishii, 6397 Designer, Talks Denim

And Patti Smith.

Stella Ishii

As the founder and CEO of influential fashion showroom The News, Stella Ishii has worked with many up and coming designers over the years—all while wearing a uniform of effortless t-shirts and jeans. So it only made sense that in 2013, she launched 6397, a denim-centric contemporary line that includes both jeans as well as knits and tees. Here, the designer opens up about her favorite denim styles, cities to visit for inspiration, style icons and more.

Why are jeans such a core part of your collection? It was never going to be just jeans, but a collection of clothing (wovens, knitwear, jersey, denim) that would become essentials for a person who wears jeans all the time. People who wear denim in that way have a certain mentality when getting dressed. I wanted to put together a collection for that type of woman.

Who is your denim style icon? Patti Smith. She’s forever cool and real.

What’s your favorite pair of jeans? 6397 Loose Skinny, our classic, but wearing it two sizes up from my “normal” size.

What wash and silhouette are you most excited about right now? Dark Rinse Shorty. It’s clean, uninhibited, and cool.

What places most inspire your designs? New York and Tokyo are both inspiring places. New York for the co-existence and clash of cultures—everyone just trying to make a buck. Tokyo for the refined and subtle sense of order and the beautiful attention to detail.

What’s the secret to creating the perfect pair of jeans? It’s very simple: wear it, wear it, wear it.

Photos: Stella Ishii, 6397 Designer, Talks Denim

Stella Ishii. Photo courtesy the designer.

6397. Photo courtesy of the brand.

Patti Smith. Photo courtesy Stella Ishii.

6397. Photo courtesy of the brand.