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Cult streetwear label Supreme has slapped its trademark red and sans serif logo on everything from Louis Vuitton bags and Lacoste polos to MetroCards to actual bricks, and the Supreme faithful can't seem to get enough. Especially because, for a certain breed of cool kid, there's nothing more enviable then stunting on Instagram with something from the latest Supreme drop.

The latest Supreme product, however, seems almost designed with Instagram stunting specifically in mind. It's an actual toy money gun, or "cash cannon" as it's officially labeled. According to Highsnobiety, the gun was teased in an accessories look book earlier this year, and then officially announced on Instagram earlier this week. It officially dropped in Supreme stores yesterday (fittingly on 4/20).

The package even includes fake dollar bills (Supreme branded, of course) for those who might have spent all their actual money on the gun in the first place (Though, it wasn't too pricey with an original price tag of $88). Of course, it's already one of the hottest status symbols on Instagram.

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The Cash Cannon™ 📹 Oliver Payne

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It's literally the perfect accessory for anyone who wants to throw money onto the street, after all.

Or stunt like some sort of financial assassin.

People of all ages seem to love it.

Supreme might have started as a skate brand, and you might wonder what a cash cannon has to do with the skate park, but the faithful find a way to make it relevant.

We can only assume a few of these will make their way to Coachella weekend two in the next few days, and that we'll continue to see these all over Instagram over the next few months.

At this point, the only question might be what won't Supreme put their logo on?

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