[#image: /photos/5853862857dfc3b0230f7f7c]||||||Last week, I found myself in the audience at Carnegie Hall, watching Sting perform a number accompanied on the piano by--yes--Dustin Hoffman. Sting, looking dashing in a silvery gray suit, sang a charming little love song called "Shoot the Breeze" which, he explained, had been written by the actor. Hoffman's performance was impressive--who knew he was so musically talented? "They needed five minutes to fill, so Sting and Trudie asked me to do it," Hoffman explained later over dinner.

The unlikely pairing was part of a benefit for the Rainforest Foundation. I was there as a guest of Dustin's wife of 32 years, Lisa Hoffman of Lisa Hoffman Skincare. At 53, Lisa still has Ivory Girl looks: gleaming eyes, minimal makeup and long, wavy hair. The couple are longtime supporters of the Rainforest Foundation, and the rainforest was the inspiration behind Lisa's two newest scents, Japanese Agarwood and Madagascar Orchid. The fragrances hit Bergdorf's in September and Lisa is donating a portion of the proceeds to the foundation.