Teenage Kissers

The crowd spilled out onto the humid Lower East Side street last night outside of Half Gallery’s opening of Teenage Kissers (above), the latest offering from skateboarder-turned-photographer Ed Templeton. The pictures, some adorably nostalgic, and...


The pictures, some adorably nostalgic, and some just painfully awkward (much like those first teen kisses) looked to be of some of the same skater kids that filled the tiny gallery along with a crowd including Heidi Bivens, Leo Fitzpatrick and Natalie Joos, who all looked far too cool to be grown-ups.

“Hey man, that’s me!” said one scruffy young patron to another. Laughter, prodding, finger pointing and mumbled comments about his choice of kissee ensued. It was a bit like being back in a high school cafeteria, just one that serves $1 grilled cheese made off of a camping grill on some guy’s bike and hands out mini-cans of Bud heavy.

Photographs by Alexis Dahan