Being fiercely jealous of my assistant who is currently at Coachella (instead of here listening to me complain), I dedicated my weekend to all things musical. My friend Stephanie Tran, also the designer of the cutest label ever, Duskin, pointed me in the direction of a music blog to which she contributes at such a rate it makes one ponder when she has the time to actually design her collection. The site is but be warned—your coworkers will crowd your desk asking who you are listening to and you won't get anything done all day ... Bummer.

Here, Stephanie's top 10

  1. q lazzarus - goodbye horses
  2. gerry rafferty - right down the line
  3. the clash - charlie don't surf
  4. ned's atomic dustbin - grey cell green
  5. brian eno - needle in the camel's eye
  6. perez prado - rosas en primavera
  7. pixies - velouria
  8. misfits - hybrid moments
  9. girls - ghost mouth
  10. destroyer - signs

And a recently-posted throwback, Pavement's "Range Life":

You can check out Stephanie's blog at

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