[#image: /photos/58539cae6666b2eb4762e0a6]||||||VALENTINO: On the walls of the show space, the designers projected video animations of twirling trees by American installation artist Jennifer Steinkamp. They smudged “Avatar” blue makeup over models’ limbs and eye sockets. All of this underlined their concept of “virtual Eden” and a wish to create a sense of “magic and fantasy,” as Piccioli put it during a preview. “We don’t think it’s a moment to be safe.” ... click to continue

[#image: /photos/58539cae57dfc3b0230f8711]|||||| JEAN PAUL GAULTIER: Gaultier has a knack for bending concepts to suit his design signatures, which speaks to the strength of his handwriting. The latest masculine-feminine hybrid was a splendid, gold-buttoned naval pantsuit, the jacket an ingenious marriage of bustier and bolero. Corset details were worked into strong-shouldered jackets, including a tailcoat—a mini trend this high fashion week... click to continue

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