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Keri Russell, Cameron Diaz

Second-installment time. My mood is lifting as things on the red carpet are looking up. Cameron Diaz in Dior and Keri Russell in Nina Ricci both are stunning. The greater opinion—at least in my living room—seems to be that the more natural the hair (Diaz's ponytail, for instance), the more we're liking the woman and her overall look. As for the most-improved category, Jennifer Hudson is, so far, the current winner, hands down. But when it comes to Marion Cotillard in that Jean Paul Gaultier scale-like number, she looks like, well, a fish.

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Jennifer Hudson, Marion Cottilard

Stay tuned: wrap-up to come in twenty minutes.

Photos: Diaz, Russel and Hudson, Steve Granitz/WireImage.com; Cottilard, Jeff Vespa/WireImage.com