If the trailer for Hulu's upcoming series The Great, starring Elle Fanning, reminds you a bit of The Favourite, it's not accidental. The series not only shares a star with the movie (Nicholas Hoult) but was penned by Tony McNamar, who co-wrote The Favourite with Deborah Davis. Both projects put an anachronistic spin on historical royalty, with the television show focusing on Russia's Catherine The Great (Fanning) and Emperor Peter III (Hoult). Of course, the subject matter might also remind you of HBO's recent Catherine the Great (which starred Helen Mirren as the regent later in life), and the general vibe brings to mind both Apple TV's Dickinson and Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette.

Still, the project definitely looks like it's worth checking out in its own right.

Fanning plays Catherine the Great as a young princess in the early stages of her courtship with Peter. Spoiler alert, we suppose, for those who don't know Russian history, but the pair may have been one of the least happy royal couples this side of King Henry VIII of England and his six wives. It didn't help matters that Peter was a generally unpopular ruler. Indeed, the trailer eventually crescendos with Catherine realizing she might be able to take power for herself.

Yes, the show seems to promise lots of fine fashions, royal debauchery, and even some memorable dance numbers, but unlike The Favourite, we know that this story ends with a young woman actually taking power and not cast aside by the monarch.

The mini-series is set to debut on Hulu on May 15th.

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